Evolved Generation Asia
By Luke Tan Follow | Public

Evolved Generation is a brand that aims to inspire a culture of fit, healthy and conscious individuals.

We believe that global positive change starts with what we have on our plates. What we have on our plate is a representation of our values and beliefs for ourselves and the planet. What we have on our plate is also a vote for a change we would like to see in the world – a world where our consumption can be both conscious and positive.

Founded by Luke and Emilie Tan, Evolved Generation was formed through inspiration of its sister team Plantbuilt. As a collective of professional and amateur athletes, personal trainers, health and fitness advocates, creatives, nutritionists and entrepreneurs, we are passionate about creating community to increase awareness and uptake of living a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Driven to spread the plant-positive message for enhanced athletic performance, optimal health, and for a greener planet, to us, activism is being the best version of yourself.